Back in Israel

Merom is back in Israel after some business trips, Uli shares experiences about Munich during Oktoberfest time and COVID19; however, we never forget about you.

Finally it’s time for a new remote boxes show.

Rosh Hashanah 2021

Uli enjoys a flea market and a very specific children toy while waiting for the new car, Merom explains Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and the upcoming weeks. This episode is all about sharing and serves as an introduction into Israel during that time. Rosh Hashanah – it’s a time rejoice and serious introspection.

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Corona in Israel/Germany

Merom takes part in the product pre-launch, Uli is looking for a new car. Finally we talk about Corona and what’s the difference between Israel and Germany when it comes to Corona and vaccinations.

Finally we have an intro and an outro, Merom is improving on the sound quality and we also have a new logo!

We also have a music tip for you that adds some vibes. Check out the video by Eitan Reiter, he is a DJ from Israel with an amazing set. Recorded at the Rainbow Serpent Festival in 2019.

Arrived at the new place

Merom shines in his professional life and Uli moved boxes across the country. We look into what it takes to move boxes here in Germany, share some stories about movings as well as look into the official paperwork – in Israel and in Germany.

Moving the house

We start our first podcast project, Merom explains Uli how to get rid of things before moving boxes, we look into what does it take to move from Germany to Israel and finally we are looking into the Work Home Survey by ServiceNow.

You can find the survey at the ServiceNow website (link)